Emerald Isle Photographer

I love the full moon rising, with the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier in the background, and the breaking wave in the foreground. EIFULLMOON


Beach Portraits

I love this photo because I drove all the way down to Myrtle Beach, SC this day and we had to get the photos done. It was the worse storm possible just before our session and it finally passed offshore, allowing us to get the photos done. I love capturing candid moments during a session! To book your session e-mail info@grahamhuntphotography.com or call 919-690-6968. Storm

Emerald Isle Beach Portraits


I have the opportunity to photograph this wonderful family at Land’s End in Emerald Isle, NC. We had a great time and even managed to squeeze in a few senior portraits of their son in the session. If you would like to book an Emerald Isle Beach Portrait session please contact me today 919-690-6968 or shoot me an e-mail graham@surferphotos.com

Graham Hunt Photography Calendars

Graham Hunt Photography Calendars

This year I decided to create a calendar with some of my favorite photographs. It includes the Shackleford Ponies, Bogue Inlet Pier, baby seat turtles & wave art. It really is one of my favorite projects so far. It also includes photos that I haven’t printed yet. The calendars are only $20 and for each calendar I sell, I’m going to donate $1 to The American Cancer society in honor of my Aunt Susan Hunt Bailey. You can purchase the calendars by clicking on the link below. Thanks for your support!


Mini Perfection

Mini Perfection

Yesterday I kept a eye on the weather & it had a cloudy vibe to it all day. Right around 5:00PM the sun started to get below a level of clouds that stuck around all day. That’s usually when we have our best sunsets. A lot of sun mixed in with some low level clouds. I ran down to the beach & right when I got there mother nature put on a show. Nothing like being in the right place & right time with your camera. Here is one of my favorite photos from yesterday a single peak with a vibrant sunset. This was taken with a SPL Waterhousing, 580 EXII Flash, 50mm lens & Canon 7D.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Taylor, my neighbor gets to see me walking up & down the road with my big water housing very early in the morning & late in the evenings. He gets to witness all the hard work that goes into getting shots like this. Everyone thinks you just put the camera in the housing & go swim to get the photos. I wish it was that easy. Taylor purchased these two canvas prints from me last week. Thanks for the support Taylor!