Emerald Isle Beach Portratis

Emerald Isle Beach Portratis

I had the opportunity to work with this awesome family last week. They were from Boston! We ended the session with cupcakes and sand. It turned out pretty interesting the little guy was eating his cupcake with sand mixed in. It reminded me how awesome it would to be a kid again.

Bogue Inlet Pier

Bogue Inlet Pier

Here is photo I took the other night with my Canon 5D mark III. It was my first time using it & I really like the results so far. This long exposure was taking at night time. I love all the different colors you get from the lights on the water from the pier. Be sure to visit my website to browse more photos like this.

Take it all in while you can

Take it all in while you can

Here is a photo I captured the other night. People don’t realize how difficult it is to get a shot like this. You have to brave 40 degree water, lug around a heavy water housing with a flash attachment on top & be able to position yourself in the right place of the wave to get the shot. It’s really not that easy at all. I love it thought & it’s one of my favorite things to do. No matter how many waves you photograph no two are the same.

B&W on a Monday

B&W on a Monday

Here is a photo I grabbed yesterday at the Bogue Inlet Pier here in Emerald Isle, NC. I had a super cold session swimming around. The air was pretty warm but the water is still freezing. I love how you have the pier framed by the wave. Click here to preview more of my work http://www.grahamhuntphotography.com

Beach Portraits Emerald Isle, NC

Beach Portraits Emerald Isle, NC

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family yesterday evening. It was a beautiful fall day in Emerald Isle, NC. Emerald Isle, NC is a south facing beach allowing us to have some of the most beautiful sunsets. To preview more of my work visit http://www.grahamhuntphotography.com.

Emerald Isle NC Wedding Photographer

Emerald Isle NC Wedding Photographer

Fall is the perfect time of year to get married in Emerald Isle, NC. The weather is perfect & we have some of the most beautiful sunsets. Here are a few photos from a couple that I did a couple of weeks ago. They had a small intimate wedding at an oceanfront beach house in Emerald Isle, NC. Visit my website http://www.grahamhuntphotography.com to preview more of my work.