Hurricane Arthur Emerald Isle, NC

Here are a few photos documenting Hurricane Arthur in Emerald Isle, NC over the weekend.  The weather started to get bad late Thursday evening and by early Friday morning most of the weather was gone.  I spent the morning and mid afternoon at The Cape Lookout National Seashore.  It was a beautiful day!  Luckily we experienced minimal damage from Arthur and got to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks.  

Emerald Isle, NC Photographer

Emerald Isle, NC Photographer

Here is another photo from the same sunset session from below. I took this with a slower shutter speed & I like the way it turned out. This was taken about 15 minutes after the sun went down. To preview more of my work visit my website

Beach Portraits Emerald Isle, NC

Beach Portraits Emerald Isle, NC

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family yesterday evening. It was a beautiful fall day in Emerald Isle, NC. Emerald Isle, NC is a south facing beach allowing us to have some of the most beautiful sunsets. To preview more of my work visit