Emerald Isle Photographer


Here is a photo I captured about a month ago at sunset. I was actually in the water when I took this photo. I love the golden reflections from the sun setting in the wave. This would make a great print for any home or office. To preview more of my work visit http://www.grahamhuntphotography.com


Emerald Isle Wedding Photographer

Emerald Isle Wedding Photographer

Here is another photo from that awesome trash the dress session I had last week. The sky had amazing colors every direction you looked. If you’re interested in creating some unique photos on your wedding day please contact me.

Waves, Waves & Waves

Waves, Waves & Waves

I love all aspects of photography honestly. I love doing portraits, weddings, surfing, landscapes & empty wave photos. I feel like doing all of these helps me in each category. My passion though is shooting waves. It’s crazy how each wave is different. For example, this wave photographed here on this particular morning looks nothing like all the others I took the same morning. From the colors to the shape they’re all different. That’s why I love them so much. It never gets boring no matter how many waves you shoot. One thing people don’t realize is I’m taking these photos early morning before the sun comes up and at later in the evening when it goes down. There’s always the potential of running into a shark. It’s just part of the territory. Some mornings when I’m super sketched out I have to talk myself through it. You woke up to get the shot now go get it! That’s what I have to remind myself. But I wouldn’t change it for the world because passion overcomes fear any day.

Mini Perfection

Mini Perfection

Yesterday I kept a eye on the weather & it had a cloudy vibe to it all day. Right around 5:00PM the sun started to get below a level of clouds that stuck around all day. That’s usually when we have our best sunsets. A lot of sun mixed in with some low level clouds. I ran down to the beach & right when I got there mother nature put on a show. Nothing like being in the right place & right time with your camera. Here is one of my favorite photos from yesterday a single peak with a vibrant sunset. This was taken with a SPL Waterhousing, 580 EXII Flash, 50mm lens & Canon 7D.