Mini Froth at Sunrise

Mini Froth at Sunrise

Here is an image I took at sunrise about 4 days ago. You can see the morning glow in the background from the sunrise. The foreground is illuminated by a flash attached to my camera in my water housing. I love waking up early and taking photos like this!

Waves, Waves & Waves

Waves, Waves & Waves

I love all aspects of photography honestly. I love doing portraits, weddings, surfing, landscapes & empty wave photos. I feel like doing all of these helps me in each category. My passion though is shooting waves. It’s crazy how each wave is different. For example, this wave photographed here on this particular morning looks nothing like all the others I took the same morning. From the colors to the shape they’re all different. That’s why I love them so much. It never gets boring no matter how many waves you shoot. One thing people don’t realize is I’m taking these photos early morning before the sun comes up and at later in the evening when it goes down. There’s always the potential of running into a shark. It’s just part of the territory. Some mornings when I’m super sketched out I have to talk myself through it. You woke up to get the shot now go get it! That’s what I have to remind myself. But I wouldn’t change it for the world because passion overcomes fear any day.

Emerald Isle Photographer

Emerald Isle Photographer

Here is a photo I took last night. If you’ve never experienced a sunset from the ocean I really suggest you do so. This time of year there is nobody around and there is no better feeling than being in the right place at the right time with your camera. Every time I open my water housing it’s like Christmas because you never know what you get. If you’re interested in purchasing this print or any others please contact me

Emerald Isle, NC Photographer

Emerald Isle, NC Photographer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to install two tri panel canvases into John Wood’s new office at Movement Mortgage. So, if you’re in the area & have time drop in & check them out. If you’re in the market to decorate your home please contact me & let’s work together. To preview more of my visit

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Taylor, my neighbor gets to see me walking up & down the road with my big water housing very early in the morning & late in the evenings. He gets to witness all the hard work that goes into getting shots like this. Everyone thinks you just put the camera in the housing & go swim to get the photos. I wish it was that easy. Taylor purchased these two canvas prints from me last week. Thanks for the support Taylor!

Good Morning Pt. 2

Good Morning Pt. 2

I love the soft light at sunrise. It really is becoming one of my favorite times to shoot. A few things that I like about this photo are the lip flare, how you can see the pier in the reflection of the wave & the soft tones. I’m so blessed to have the ocean as my backyard.